Will & Loui Arrive

Welcome Will & Loui our gorgeous little Kunekune Piglets, the first of many farm animals to Te Whare Farm, it was quite a day for them, starting out with the chase at Lenny’s place, we finally got them into sacks for the short drive, sitting on our laps held tight in the back of the car back to our place. The shock of the sack was soon replaced by the joy of a massive new pen, complete with Japanese zen water feature and big splash pond ! watch this space to follow the adventures of Will & Loui soon to be joined by a goat and some chickens.

#10 Thing to do today

Healthy body healthy mind healthy place… Its a rather healthy little town this Raglan. Mostly everyone you know will go to yoga or be a yoga teacher, alot of people surf, and many have active jobs… So its good to start the day with a beautiful healthy smoothie…

Organic Natural Yoghurt
Feijoa juice
Frozen Berries

#009 Thing to do today

Growing up in Raglan the Bryant Home track was the main access to the beach. Most summer days, the family would load up and walk down from Upper Wainui Rd, over the creek, through the bush, and down the side of the hill. When the new access was built through Wainui Reserve, the amount of people making the trek decreased. Fortunately the tracks have been kept in pristine condition, and these days I do it with no whinging at all, and only appreciation for the beauty of the views the short walk gives… the destination isn’t so bad either.

#008 Thing to do today

About 15 minutes drive from Raglan round the mountain is Te Toto gorge. The view you get out to the Tasman is incredible. Good for all types of weather, it helps to appreciate the storms we’ve been having… and slightly more dramatic than just watching the rain.

#005 Thing to do today

Raglan is a small community littered with creatives, all just quietly doing their thing. My Havianas broke, and instead of stealing another pair from my Mum, I thought, why not support someone here in Raglan. Enter Ben Galloway, creator of Trash Footwear. Working out of his Dads workshop (Soul Shoes), he gathers together all sorts of waste and makes them into shoes. This particular pair are made out of conveyor belt, some high density canvas off cuts, and some funky looking second hand material. Look at him go. So your thing to do today, is give those feet a rest from the hot sand and melting tar, and support a starving artist with a pair of these sandals.

#004 Thing to do today

Summer starts in our mind from Christmas… since Christmas it has been raining. Good for the glassy conditions in the waves, a few good kite sessions, and also that holiday season novel… but still not summer. So this afternoon when it clears up, that sunset beer on the deck after a long session in the water will finally happen… For number 4, you can quite rightly say… “Hello Summer”.